About the back issue

The back issue started as a food blog but quickly lost focus. It has since moved from olives to death, through taxes, migration, education, transport, travel, economics, politics, and other equally useless topics.

Like a Polish migrant, it changed its name to fit in with the crowd, and moved to a more accessible web address.

It even has its own Facebook page… (I remember when all this was just text fields.)

The back issue mostly publishes short stories, graphs, opinions, and hopefully a touch of insight into something worthwhile discussing.

And worthwhile issues need not be currently occupying the headlines. The back issue is counter 24-hour news cycle and its lust for constant updates. It prioritises substance over timeliness.

Always happy to engage in conversation, rather than it being a one-way splutter.

For now, it’s here.

And it’s always looking for collaborators.