A Culinary Atlas

by | Sep 8, 2012 | data, food

Not all cuisines are created equal.  Certainly not according to the Australia voting public at least.

Following on from “Stirring the data with an urban spoon” (an analysis of urbanspoon data), this map compares popularity of different cuisines across the globe.

Culinary Atlas

Coloured by popularity
Dark Green = best, Dark Red = worst, Everything in between = everything in between
NB: Controversial borders do not reflect the views of the author, rather an attempt at standards.  Some questionable boundaries (Islas Malvinas/Falklands Islands, Cyprus) were represented in dual colours.

Some countries (Australia, China, United States) appear to have rubella. This is because their cuisines were described multiple times. Australia came under “Modern Australia” (in orange) and “Native Australia” (a slightly darker shade of orange).

Some countries’ cuisines were individually defined (Thai, French, Moroccan, Brazilian), while others came under umbrella tags, such as “Africa” or “Latin America”.

Others were missing entirely from the list (eg. New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Russia, Sweden).